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KWK Services international is a well known and reputed organization, abbreviated the good name of its Owner (Mr. KHAN WAZIR KHAN) –Chief Executive of the Firm.

KWK established its office in Al-Amin Plaza, 4 the Mall Rawalpindi during Aug/Sep, 1997. Deals in supply of Electronic, Electrical Equipments, Mechanical, all kinds of Cables, DRS System to government organization through local and international markets. Beside this in 1999 the company starts development of electronics devices such as video Amplifier and SCR Firing Modules for Pakistan Air Force, mean while trading enhance from components supply to equipment supply. A series of power rectifiers 60A, 24V, DC-DC Convertors were developed by the company in 2000.

Though about 14 years of services KWK services supplies a lot of communication, Electrical, Electronic, Telephone Cables store to Government, Semi- Government organizations. Development process includes power rectifiers, power supplies, electronic modules and printed circuit brands.